It has never been so easy to organize ground handling in any airport in Russia and CIS countries

We guarantee:

  • 2 hours maximum – to obtain all the take-off and landing clearances for a business jet
  • 60 airports – direct agreements with airports cover all business aviation directions for both Russia and CIS countries markets
  • 20% – VAT refund from purchasing fuel for a foreign-registered business jet
  • From 7 to 30 days – in-house loan facility covering all the services of business jet ground handling
  • Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sochi – direct agreements with the largest hotel chains

Russia becomes more hospitable with us

Capital AviaNeft specializes in supporting business jet, regular commercial airlines and cargo flights on a turnkey basis including ground handling, passenger & crew services, including aircraft refueling services.

Our aim is simple – we are striving to make you feel at home at any airport across Russia. Due to a developed network of contacts and agreements we are able to organize quick and high-quality ground handling throughout Russian Federation even in less accessible areas as well as in CIS countries.

Capital AviaNeft has been active on business aviation market since 2014. The executive members of our team comprise of high-calibre individuals who have over a decade of expertise of various disciplines from International and Russian business aviation companies.

We will be glad to welcome you at any airport in Russia!

Our Service: Refueling services

We appreciate your trusting of servicing your business jet and we put maximum effort for developing the network of high-quality refueling contracts. Fast refueling service with high-quality aviation fuel across Russia and CIS is what we are proud of.

We are an exclusive partner of Shell and AirTotal in Russia, who have proven themselves as reliable aviation fuel producers and suppliers around the world.

Capital AviaNeft has been able to carry out an independent and flexible pricing policy due to buying solid volumes of aviation fuel from the largest refueling stations.

We provide:

  • Business jet, cargo aircraft and commercial airlines with into-plane refueling
  • High-quality Jet A1 and AVGAS fuel
  • Competitive prices

We provide supplementary services:

  • 20% VAT refund for foreign-registered business jet departing outside the Customs Union
  • In-house credit facility from 7 to 30 days covering all the services on ground handling
  • Refueling in complex airports

Our Service: Spare parts

The Capital AviaNeft company provides modern aviation equipment to the aviation market of Russia and neighboring countries. Since 2019, the company has been a partner of Honeywell Aerospace in Europe, providing an uninterrupted supply of products of this aerospace corporation, namely, components, spare parts, systems for all types of aircraft and helicopters.
Capital AviaNeft is also ready to offer its clients exclusive conditions for the purchase and subsequent repair of equipment produced by the following manufacturers: Cobham, Rockwell Collins, Aspen Avionics, Pratt & Whitney, BendixKing.
High-quality and efficient provision of spare parts and aviation equipment to our clients allows Capital AviaNeft to maintain a leading position among suppliers of modern aviation equipment in Russia and neighboring countries.

We Provide:

  • regular equipment supplies;
  • technical support and advice on installation, commissioning and adjustment of equipment;
  • sending the customer’s equipment to the manufacturer for repair and modernization;
  • provision of components from our own exchange fund for the period of equipment repair;
  • updating software and equipment databases;
  • supply of equipment through participation in tenders at the largest sites;
  • logistics and customs support on a turnkey basis.

Our Partners:



Capital AviaNeft has proven that ground handling services should be flawless on the whole territory of Russia and CIS countries. International experience of our staff and a perfect knowledge of the Russian market have become a fundamental basis of our work that corresponds to the quality standards of demanding world. We understand the importance of your trip and the price of your time, so we made the algorithm of our work to the extend of accuracy and punctuality of Swiss watch mechanism.

Business aviation

Ensuring safety and confidentiality we offer ground handling services for more than 50 types of business jets – from small and practical Light Jets to uncompromising Heavy Jets.

Commercial airlines

Having accumulated a massive experience in aircraft ground handling we offer handling for commercial airlines right on time.

Cargo flights

Offering a maximum range of services we organize complex services for cargo aircraft from a cargo terminal to customs clearance.

Having well cerebrated that business aviation is a personal business instrument, we guarantee an individual approach to all the complex tasks of business jet ground handling.

We provide:

  • Fast service for obtaining all the necessary aviation authorities clearances for a business jet take-off, flight and landing
  • Airport slots monitoring
  • Business jet parking organization
  • Towing to the parking area
  • Fast service for ground handling organization through direct agreements with 60 airports in Russia and CIS

We provide supplementary services:

  • In-house credit facility for 7-30 days covering all the ground handling services
  • Hangar parking organization
  • Business jet deicing procedure organization
  • Luggage delivery
  • Adhoc services according to your needs and preferences

Our Service: Passenger & Crew Services

Making sure that your trip matches your expectations Capital AviaNeft takes control from start to end of flight and ground handling services. Our Operations team solve necessary and complex tasks on daily basis: clears customs and border control in any airport in Russia and CIS, books hotel for the crew, chauffeur or transfer services and execute supplementary services upon request or requirement.

Our broadest contact and contract network guarantees confidentiality, high-standard and efficient service for your comfort. We highly value your privacy and organize your stay at the airport in a most trusted atmosphere – in the VIP-lounge or in a business aviation terminal.

We provide:

  • Complete coordination and ground handling in the airport
  • Interaction with the state authorities
  • Assistance in customs and border formalities
  • Representative services for passengers and crews in the airport
  • Assistance in Russian visas procurement in shortest time possible
  • Eliminate difficulties in communication between English-speaking crews and airport staff

We provide supplementary services:

  • Direct agreements with the largest hotel chains in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Sochi
  • Option in choosing hotels for crews – near the airports or in the city center
  • Organization of crew transfer to/from the airport

Our Service: Fuel Trading

Developing refueling service as the main business of Capital AviaNeft carries out bulk aviation fuels sale.

One of our strategic advantages is our developed network of agreements various oil-processing regions of the world – Europe, Russia, Turkey, etc. It enables us to hedge market volatility, and changes in the prices in favor of our customers.

Our systematized supply-chain enables us to set up an efficient delivery of oil products direct from the refineries to our clients. A well-coordinated operation of delivering by pipe, railway and cargo truck facilitates to swift delivery of high-quality products by also corresponding to the ecological standards, quality preservation lab control and corporate responsibility.

We provide:

  • Bulk aviation fuels sale from as minimum as 1500 tons
  • High-quality Jet A1 and AVGAS fuel
  • Direct fuel delivery from the refineries via railway or pipe
  • Favorable prices